Geography and Lending

The type of lending available through payday loan and pawn shops are high interest loans that some may say take advantage of the common people.  They are located in certain areas because the poverty induced areas have a need for money, and exploiting this need shall be beneficial.  Banks are located along roads of central businesses because of the revenue being made.  This flow of money through businesses and customers yield an opportunity to be regulated by banks.  I think the payday loans and pawn shop lending methods are wrong, but useful.  Despite the high interest rates, they provide an opportunity for people to live another day.  The result of these methods depend on the people using their services, and is entirely situational.  These establishments

Digital Humanitarianism

Geography is the study of an areas physical features, human activity, and the effects of such activity. An example of geography is shown on the short Ted Talk on the BBC news report, viewing a primate distribution. In the report, the viewers are shown a rapidly growing part of society within Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi. It focuses on the slum areas within this rural location. Despite poverty, lack of resources, and negative influences of sprawl, this place shows huge signs of progression. This is because of the series of social action projects that has been done to improve life in society. These projects are effective in Nairobi because people are using the geography as an influential factor; using the population’s willingness to work and need for change as a means to get things done.
One of the projects uses a social network application that allows citizens to report problems in the area that others can help. Crowdsourcing, Mash-up, and participatory GIS are useful tools because they bring the community together.


In Street Map, I have added my high school, Salina High School, into the map. This application can be useful in real world situations by networking workers towards jobs.

Policy Map



The map of South Dakota shows the amount to libraries it contains in relation to the number of American Indian and Alaskan Natives. South Dakota has a higher American Indian and Alaskan Native population compared to most states based on the map. Just like all states with high Alaskan Native and American Indian populations, South Dakota has a huge lack of libraries to access. What libraries they do have are either compacted in big city areas or isolated from each other and nearby populations. Most of the libraries are located in the lighter or white areas that lack such native populations.

This pattern shows the lack of access to American Indians and Alaskan Natives to educational resources outside of school. This may also reflect the education system in that area as well, since the lack of information will lead to lack of educated people. This increases the stigma that American Indians and Alaskan Natives are uneducated, since their access to knowledge is limited as well. The only explanations for this I could imagine would be the lack of funding and educational support these states have, however.

Place Population place promotions

Delta Sky has created a brochure of Columbia, South Carolina, as a way to attract people. By advertising Columbia, South Carolina, Delta Sky aims to relocate people in order to increase the population. Delta Sky gives promise of a thrilling and enjoyable life in Columbia by providing lively photograph shots of the many possibilities that live within Columbia: the beautiful scenery of nature, which shows people having fun kayaking in one of the lakes; photos of the night attractions of the city, inside clubs and restaurants; images of stock and education, such as corporations and colleges; and action shots of social events, like football games and parades. Viewing this, it appears that Delta Sky is targeting college-aged people, young adults, and business owners. They appeal to the younger audience by focusing on the many recreational things to do, the hot spots for entertainment, and possible college life at the University of Oklahoma. Seeing these youth being pulled in, business owners know that labor will be provided in the thriving city.

Story Maps and Cultural Landscapes

The reason I chose to do this study is because the United States is rich in conflict and revolutions within its history.  Many historical moments have changed the way the U.S. has operated, and I am trying to show what important ones have impacted society today.  Through my research, I found many social impacts within society, but had to narrow it down to those that would influence the cast majority.  I conducted my research by searching for the social movements that have left an impact.  I saved images that were relevant to the movements in that era, and wrote brief abstracts to describe each movement.

Through this research, I hope to educate readers on how each movement was important towards shaping the United States.    This research is important because it shows how people can create change within society.  Hope and courage are what is needed to spark change, and these movements are testaments of it.  Hopefully people will continue to spark change, and better society.

Story Map

Population 2





Comparing the graph above, there are notable changes within each region.  From biggest to smallest the regions scale as such:  South Region, West Region, Midwest Region, and Northeast Region.  International, total migration, and Births are key variables that influence the growth of the population.  Within each region lies pull and push factors that influence the population as well.  Push factors include job opportunities, greater education, and better weather.  Push factors include Lack of jobs, hostile environment, and overpopulation.

Observing the Midwest region, I noticed the more people are migrating out of the area than in, thus decreasing the population.  The other regions have a positive influence on migration, however.  Higher population leads to higher death tolls as well, which is apparent in the South Region.

Population #1

Salina Zip Code 74365 (2016)City of Salina (2016)Mayes County, Oklahoma (2016)Okahoma, United States (2016)

Given the opportunity to observe the populations of a location, I have chosen my hometown, Salina, Oklahoma, its zip coded area, the county that contains them, and the state.  The population pyramid shows the relationship between the male and female citizens, and the percent they contribute to the population.

I notice that each pyramid has a high population of middle-aged people (ages 50+) and fewer young adults (ages 15-24).  Another similarity between each pyramid is that the population decreases (for the most part) as the age range increases.  Each pyramid differs because of the spiked increasing and decreasing in different age groups.

What influences these population sizes is scale.  Scale is the unit of measurement of a certain area, which determines what variables are included.  This influences the population size because it determines what is measured.  Scaling an entire state, like Oklahoma, will yield a higher population altogether compared to a small town, like Salina.


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